Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Dear President Obama and Supporters,

Congratulations on your victory.  It was a hard fought battle, as it should have been, and you came out victorious.  The wonderful thing about America is we get what we vote for on election day.  I am an American and I want what is best for this great nation.  I hope and I pray that President Obama is able to govern in a way that improves the lives of all Americans, regardless of social standing, race, or gender.

It is important, however, to point out that at this point, that after four years in office, Mr. President,  you and your supporters are largely responsible for the condition of this country.  I must admit that I lack confidence that you will make decisions and implement policies that will improve our economy and standing in the world.  For your first two years in office, Mr. President, you and yours party controlled the executive and legislative branches of our government.  The efforts and policies stemming from that period have failed to produce results that improve our economy.  Over the past two years, you have failed to work in a bipartisan manner with the House of Representatives to improve our economy.  A more perfect union does not include unprecedented levels of deficit spending, crushing debt, a weak foreign policy and the current level of unemployment.  The days of casting blame and aspersion on President Bush are past.  President Obama, you and your supporters own the last four years.

President Obama, you and your supporters own the high unemployment rate.  You own the fact that over 24 million of our citizens are unemployed and that many have simply given up looking for work.  You own our anemic economic growth that is insufficient to keep up with our growing population.  You own our rising debt and deficit spending.  You own our nation's credit rating.

President Obama, you and your supporters own the fact that we haven't passed a national budget for three years.

President Obama, you and your supporters own high and rising gas prices.  You own the continuing housing crisis.

President Obama, you and your supporters own the full and pending impact of Obamacare, the good and the bad.

President Obama, you and your supporters own the clean up and recovery from Hurricane Sandy.  

President Obama, you and  your supporters own the results of a foreign policy that has weakened us abroad.  You own the events in Bhengazi.  You own the results of our policy in the middle east.  You own the security of our military and public servants overseas.

President Obama, you and your supporters own the problem of illegal immigration.  You own the results of a porous border and ineffectual immigration policy.

Again, President Obama, you and your supporters own the results of the past four years and you just took responsibility for the next four years.  Shifting blame is no longer a viable option.  Our situation demands real change and real improvement.  Where you are right, I will support you.  Where you are wrong, I will fight against you.

I list the problems above, not out of bitterness, but out of hope.  I hope you will find solutions for our problems.  I hope you will spend less time on the golf course, and more time meeting with your Jobs Council and attending your daily intelligence briefing.  I hope you will spend more time reaching across the aisle to seek the input and support of the ideas represented by half of our population.  The past four years have left me underwhelmed and disappointed in your policies and overall commitment to the job of being president.  America has given you another four years to get it right.  Please give the job and the welfare of the American people the same devotion your supporters just gave you.

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