Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Path of Liberalism: News Releases from the Future

As a student of government, politics and history of East Europe, I find the discourse between conservative and liberal ideology intriguing.  Socialist policies didn’t work out so well for them and they are still trying to recover.  Of course, it can be argued that having communism forced on them produced a unique set of problems. 

West Europe, however, has taken a different path toward socialism, allowing the people to vote for distribution of wealth and resources.  I would call this the kind path of socialism, where a large degree of personal freedom and security was maintained.  It hasn’t worked out too well for most of them either.  I’m sure the recovery will be long and painful for them over the next few decades. 

Today America is well on the path of self-imposed socialism.  Will we have better results? 

My big question for proponents of liberalism is always, “How will you make it work?”  If you provide everything for everyone, how do you make it work?  Once a majority of people are on the government dole, how do you pay for their needs?  If you listen to their rhetoric, liberals don’t talk about workable solutions.  Their solution, all too often, is to offer more entitlements to more people.  Once they get enough people sold on their ideas, I see two possibilities.  Either things collapse as they are today in Greece, Spain, Italy and other places, or the government heads down the path outlined below in my fictitious news alerts from the future.

In accordance with the Fairness in Public Reporting Act, the administration directed the FCC to close down the website run by moderate blogger Steven Craig.  Craig’s recent string of pieces regarding crime rates in major U.S. cities was deemed inaccurate and potentially racist in nature by the Department of Equal Rights and Opportunity.  The official joint statement by the FCC and the DERO states that: “Mr. Craig fails to meet the requirements of the FPRA on two counts.  First, he included demographical information in his writings, insinuating that one ethnic group committed crime more than others.  Regardless of the accuracy of the data, the FPRA states specifically that reports on crime may not indicate specific demographic information as it relates to ethnicity or race.  Second, his writings did not include data crime statistics provided to him by the Department of Justice.  The FRPA requires that all public writers and reporters include information provided by the appropriate government agency associated with the topic at hand.”

Congress is set to vote on a key provision the US Code governing the formation of the Youth Volunteer Force of America, making enrollment and participation mandatory for all youth ages 12 to 16.  The Youth Volunteer Force of America was established in 2015 as a mechanism to provide youth the opportunity to engage in service opportunities that promote American values to include sustainable energy, community service, race relations, and gender equality.  The increase in enrollment and associated dues are expected to increase YVFA revenues by nearly 45 percent,  over the next fiscal year if the measure passes.

The Department of Labor reports that enforcement of the Work Responsibility and Ethics Act has substantially decreased absenteeism in the work force.  Any employees of government supported companies or industries that fail to meet the minimum standards of work attendance and production are required to attend mandatory classes in the off hours for the first offense and face increased fines for any subsequent infractions.  Support in Congress remains strong to expand the law to include jurisdiction over employees of privately owned business.  A small, but increasingly vocal group in Congress and labor is calling for criminal penalties, to include jail time, for repeated infractions of the WREA.

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